What Could Be Better Than New

May 11, 2017

What could be better than new?  A lot.

Think of a newly tailored suit that fits you like a glove and makes you look your best.

Or, envision a pristine or fully restored muscle car from generations ago that was certainly better than today’s knock-offs.

New isn’t necessarily what you need.  You need a machine or complete line that is built specifically for you.

It needs to be customized to your specifications and come with options to buy, lease or rent.

And, you can’t wait forever to receive what you want.  Time is critical in some cases.  What good will a brand new fire extinguisher be to you if it’s out of reach when you need it?

Ultimately, it needs to be the right machine, reliable and in your building running product quickly.

Unique to Frain, we immediately get you in touch with one of our several engineers who have over 100 years of combined packaging and processing experience.

Once they vet the various options from our fleet of 9,000 machines, they then offer suggestions of new and/or used base units, which can be tailored, retooled and fully updated to meet your needs.

From over 35 years of business, we’ve learned the best years and the best models.  We buy quality new and used and customize machinery and complete lines for our customers.

Each quality machine is updated and newly born by the time it leaves our facility – in addition to being backed by our guarantee and parts warranty.

Ask an engineer today which of our on demand options is your best fit for your next project.  You’ll look better when you work with Frain to get equipment that is better than new.

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