You Deserve It

In a recent furniture purchase for my daughter, the salesman asked me if I’d be interested in buying a whole set instead of a single dresser.  He then pointed to my daughter and said, “Look at her.  She deserves it.”

We still joke about it long after.  While she did deserve it, I politely declined as it didn’t fit with the other furniture already in her room.  The extra furniture didn’t match our needs at the time.

Many times, customers call Frain looking for more machine than they really need.  While we won’t suggest something you don’t need, we’ll ask you important qualifying questions before making a recommendation.

When it comes to packaging and processing machinery – it’s critical to go beyond just matching your needs with the right machine.  You deserve to see it before you buy it.  Furthermore, you deserve to see your machinery working with your product as you intended before you buy it.

Daily, we see professionals expecting to purchase quality machinery running the way they want it when purchasing in the used, as-is market.  Frain is different.  We no longer sell machinery as it is.

From the start – we offer you free consultation with our engineers as it pertains to your equipment request.  They will discuss the technical aspects, your specifications, your speeds, volumes, timeline, etc.

When you decide to move forward, our technicians fully re-calibrate and customize each machine or complete line to your specifications and satisfaction – guaranteed with warranty-backed replacement parts.  Your equipment is then fully vetted before you receive it, with hand-off calls, and Factory Acceptance Testing.

While we enjoy talking thru a variety of projects on a daily basis with folks over the phone – there’s nothing that beats a face to face visit.  That’s frankly the best way for you to invest confidently in your next machinery purchase.  And, frankly speaking, you deserve it.

Take a virtual tour of Frain or contact Frain today to discuss your next project with one our engineers.

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