5 Tips for a Successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

At Frain, every project, machine or complete line of equipment is thoroughly inspected and put through Factory Acceptance Testing or FAT before it leaves our building.  Not only is this the customers opportunity to sign off on the equipment or machine that they purchased – it’s an opportunity for the customer to fine tune the machinery and learn any operating nuances before they take on the machinery themselves.

After successfully integrating over 25,000 packaging and processing equipment projects, Frain has developed the following tips to help ensure you get the most of your equipment with a successful Factory Acceptance Test.

  1. Bring the Right People
    The person paying for the machine is usually the person coming in for the FAT.  However, ask yourself – Who will install, operate and maintain the machine or packaging line?  It’s best to have all of those involved with the machinery to be present for a full day of training, fine tuning and hand off.  The devil is in the details as they say and this is a critical point to get sign off from all angles and people involved.
  2. Come Prepared and In Person 
    There’s a big difference between buying a running machine and one that you see running in person.  As important is seeing your machine running in person with your product. Make a plan to visit Frain to see your machine running with your product.  Take your time to validate that all your specifications and operational efficiency is addressed 100%.
  3. Plan for a Full Day
    Getting your machine to run the way you want it to run with your product is the ultimate goal.  The last thing you want to do is to waste time and resources at your facility in fine tuning the machine.  Fine tuning and ensuring every nuance of your operation is addressed prior to installation is key to successful machine installation, integration, and transition.
  4. Ask Questions
    Asking good questions is an art form and many times the difference between success and failure.  Take time to review your punch list, questions, specifications and ask the questions now, instead of later when it’s too late, bogging down your schedule, or putting the project or your career in jeopardy.
  5. Move Ahead with Confidence
    By default, Frain replaces all damaged, distressed, or worn machine parts and backs them with a 6-month replacement part warranty.  We also provide a two-week right of return to give you additional confidence in working with us.  If you’ve been due diligent in discussing the equipment with our engineers, all involved people from your company or client company, and dedicated a full day to the FAT – you can move forward with your project confidently.

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