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Evaporator Thin Film is an evaporation process that is either vertical or horizontal and uses a thin film to form along a heated source and cause the moisture to be evaporated quickly and efficiently. The materials are metered into he evaporator and thee are several points and evaporator tubes where the product fed out onto the tubes to form the thin film and allow moisture to be flashed off the heated surface. A vacuum can also be used to accelerate the evaporation process.

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LCI Evaporator Thin Film TURBA-FILM

  • Manufacturer: LCI
  • Model Number: TURBA-FILM
  • Frain Number: 5E6180

LCI / Votator, Laboratory Model Turba Film, stainless steel, agitated, thin-film evaporator and distiller with amount of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with twin process tubes and has (2) square feet of heat transfer area. Tube (1) has bottom concentrate collection tank, feed and vapor nozzles, scrape surface heat exchanger with inner shell and jacket rating of 15psi @ 400°F. steam in condensate and vapor out ports, with 2" diameter product inlet and bottom 1" diameter product outlet with top mounted 1 Hp motor drive. Tube (2) has condenser with chilled water in and out, vacuum connection and bottom distillate collection tank. Remote control panel has relay logic controls, temperature controller with 6 point temperature thermometer and digital readout.

OAD: 27" L x 21" W x 52" H

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