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Spiral freezers are essentially a circular spiral freezer that convey the product from the top to the bottom or visa versa to allow the materials to be exposed to a freezer environment for a set period of time with all product seeing the same residence time for freezing. The spiral is contained in a refrigerated box or cage and the inlet and discharge are the only means for the product to enter or leave this continuous endless spiral. The cooling method for spiral freezers can be direct expansion refrigeration such as Freon or ammonia through evaporator coils or direct impingent using cryogenic gases Co2 or Nitrogen.

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I J White Systems Freezer Spiral AMBIENT

I J White Systems (9)-tier, stainless steel, spiral, descending, ambient air cooling system with number of product per hour – depending on materials, application, belt width and speed. All stainless steel contact parts. Equipped with 30" wide total, 28" wide usable, 1" x 1" flex mesh stainless steel product belt with overall length of 640′ and 582′ of usable cooling length has 6" tier pitch with maximum product height of 2-1/4". Overall 20′ 7" OD aluminum frame has 9 tiers descending with 11′ 10" product in feed and 6′ 10" product discharge heights both with cleat track transfer conveyors. Low tension bottom motor drive and chain-driven north to south travel carousel providing even cooling and consistent product quality. Remote control panel has power on start, stop and e-stop controls with A/B inverter. Mounted on multi-leg heavy duty base frame.


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