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Linear scale systems are designed with one or multiple lane vibratory feed pans to feed one or multiple weigh buckets. Vibratory pans continue to feed product in the weigh buckets until one of the weigh buckets senses the set point weigh. Buckets are then pneumatically or mechanically discharged.

Linear scale systems can be designed with one or multiple lanes, or heads. Each individual lane operates in the same manner, but because many weigh buckets are being used and multiple weigh buckets are being filled at once, the output of a multi-lane scale is greater than a single lane scale. Due to the operation of the linear scale, the different lanes will become staggered as to the weight of product in the individual buckets. When one weigh bucket reaches the proper weight and discharges, another bucket will be close to the proper weight, so that the interval between the discharge of the first bucket and the discharge of the second bucket is shorter than the time required to fill an entire weigh bucket.

Linear scale systems can be designed with bulk / dribble feed. Linear scale systems with bulk / dribble feed are designed to feed 80% to 85% of the weight of the product into the weigh bucket using large feed pan. Once 80% to 85% of the desired weight is sensed in the weigh bucket, a gate stops the feed from the large feed pan. A smaller feed pan continues to feed a small amount of product into the weigh bucket until the desired weight (100%) is reached. Linear scale systems with bulk / dribble operation reduce the amount of time necessary to feed the proper amount of product into the weigh bucket and increase the output of the linear scale system.

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Ohlson Scale Linear 2XL2SS

  • Manufacturer: Ohlson
  • Model Number: 2XL2SS
  • Frain Number: R36790

Ohlson, Model 2XL2, automatic, stainless steel, (2) scale, weighing system with inclined cleated feeder capable of weighing from 5 lbs to 50 lbs and up to 20 weighments per minute with number of bags or containers per hour – depending on materials. application and machine configuration. Equipped with 36" wide x 36" wide x 20" deep stainless steel floor level product hopper with a 46" feed height and 35" long x 12" wide product feed chute, stainless steel cleated incline conveyor with 24" long in feed section and 160" long x 16½" wide inclined cleated conveyor section with 2" high cleats set on 10¼" centers, to Ohlson Model 2XL2 dual lane, bulk / trickle scale capable of weighs up to 200 lbs (100 lbs per lane). 1¾ cu.ft. (3000 inches³) weigh buckets, (2) 32" long x 14" wide x 7" deep vibratory pans per lane and 120" long x 11¾" wide discharge conveyor. Control panel has PLC Controller with touch screen HMI. All mounted on stainless steel base frames.

OAD: 240" L x 120" W x 132" H

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Ohlson Scale Linear 3M3

  • Manufacturer: Ohlson
  • Model Number: 3M3
  • Frain Number: R25070

Ohlson Model 3M3, three lane, stainless steel, weigh scale system rated from 5 to 30 weighments per minute – depending on materials and application. Weight range: 1oz to 5 lbs with accuracies of +/- 0.5 to 1.0 grams. Equipped with stainless steel incline cleated conveyor with floor supply hopper, product hopper, 16" by 7" by 3" feed pans, dual accumulation buckets, product funnel and discharge chute with 32" of floor clearance. PLC with100 programs storage and operator interface. Foot pedal activation. Heads can be programmed independently and capable of running 2 separate products and discharge into same funnel. Mounted on stainless steel base.

OAD: 60" L x 60" W x 91" H

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