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In need of sifter equipment for your next project? Let the Frain Group help you choose the right sifter equipment! Sifter equipment includes a variety of separation equipment for the removal of specific sizes of particles or material for classification to size.Sifter equipment can be used for a number of separation processes. A sifter can perform the separation of products by difference in physical size of the material (in dry mixtures), as well as the separation of solids in liquid suspensions. Sifter equipment can be either vertical, horizontal or a combination of both with the induction of air or other liquids to facilitate increased separation efficiency and productivity.

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Sweco Sifter Separator 60" DIA

  • Manufacturer: Sweco
  • Model Number: 60" DIA
  • Frain Number: R21631

Sweco, Stainless steel, 60" diameter single deck sifter with 8" table frame, 8" spacing frame, cleaning kit and cover assembly with center feed port. Unit can process a broad range of materials, including liquids from solids or fine from course particles. Requires screen per application.
OAD = 70" L x 70" W x 45" H

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Sweco Sifter SS48S88

  • Manufacturer: Sweco
  • Model Number: SS48S88
  • Frain Number: R21361

Sweco, SS48S88, Stainless Steel Unit Has (1) 8"H Deck Sifter With An 8"H Table Frame. Both Top Deck And Table Frame Deck Have 8" Dia. Discharge. 2.5 Hp Motor Provides Vibrational Energy Which Is Used To Separate Different Sized Particles. Can Handle The Following Materials: Wet, Dry, Fine, Coarse, Light Or Heavy. Particles As Fine As #400 Mesh Can Be Screened Used In Food, Pharmaceutical, Pulp/Paper, Sand/Gravel, And Indus.Laundries
Oad:4’L X 4’W X 40"H Weight:671 Lbs.

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F. H. Schule GMBH Sifter Separator H-453-ST

F.H.Schule Model H-453-ST, chamber style separator rated up to 7 tons per hour on rice products – depending on enviroment being run in. Equipped with 90 chambers designed to remove husk particles from rice, has product infeed, with top 144" long x 70" wide separation table that filters down to 15 across 3 high sort chambers on each side, one for finished product, the other for the husks. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 144" L x 70" W x 60" H

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Prater Sifter 9RU1

  • Manufacturer: Prater
  • Model Number: 9RU1
  • Frain Number: 5G3641

Prater Model 9RU1, continuous, centrifugal, sifter / scalper with production rates per hour – depending on materials and application. 410 in² of effective screen area and has a particle size range from 1/4" to 44 microns (325 mesh) with proper change parts. Equipped with 8" O.D product inlet port, with side and front hinged clamp down access doors, 7" in Diameter x 18" in Length removeable screen and scrape paddle rotor assembly designed for metered feed. 8" O.D flanged primary (fine) discharge port, and 7" O.D flanged secondary (coarse) discharge port and vari speed controller. Capable of handling a wide variety of powders, granules, agglomerates and other free-flowing materials.

OAD: 55" L x 30" W x 72" H

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Great Western Sifter 221

Great Western 221, Tru-Balance gyratory motion sifting system built for screening any dry, free- flowing product ranging in size from 1/4" to 400 mesh. The Tru-Balance sifter utilizes gyratory sifting motion for gentle, accurate product separations. Unit operates at 262 rpm with a 2 5/8" circle of gyration. Sifter box has kiln dried maple and birch construction for maximum fatigue strength & durability with minimal weight. Unit has (12) vertically nested 30 7/8" x 30 7/8" 50 mesh sieves for a total of 80 sq. ft. of screening area. Equipped with 7 1/2" ID product inlet and (3) 5 1/2" – 6" ID bottom discharges w/ 18" of floor clearance.

OAD: 62"(L) x 42"(W) x 86"(H)

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LMC Lewis M Carter Manufactori Sifter 301

LMC Lewis 301, MARQ Series 300, gravity separator rated from 0 to 310 cubic feet of product per hour – depending on materials, application and products bulk desity. Ripple deck design provides more traction for better separation and counter balance construction for vibration free operation. Equipped with top 27" L x 10" W x 18" D conical product feed hopper, mounted on 10" x 10" OD flanged infeed port with (8) 1/4" bolts on 4-1/2" centers and top 13" L x 11" W OD flanged vent fan port with (10) 1/4" bolts on 6" centers. 36" L x 29" W ribbed vibratory sifting areas has 6" W x 5" H heavy product discharge chute with 29" floor clearence, and 4" W x 3" H light product discharge chute with 39" floor clearence, top 7-1/2 Hp chain and sproket fan motor drive with saftey guarding. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 68" L x 48" W x 81" H

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Gump Sifter CP-43

  • Manufacturer: Gump
  • Model Number: CP-43
  • Frain Number: 5C9141

Gump CP-43, 48" diameter, stainless steel, pneumatic, in-line sifter / screener. Has a total screen area of 33 square feet, with 6" OD inlet, 6" OD outlet, (3) sieves, and 15 psig operating pressure. Example of feed rates up to 40,000 lbs@hr on out loads of flour thru a 40 mesh stainless steel screen

OAD: 60" L x 60" W x 84" H

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