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Cotuplas Filler Paste Single RS58-D

  • Manufacturer: Cotuplas
  • Model Number: RS58-D
  • Frain Number: 5H4432

Cotupas, Model RS58-D, semi-automatic, piston filler and capper with number of tubes per minute – depending on materials, application and operator dexteriy. Equipped with 21" ID x 16" deep dual stacked stainless steel product hoppers and temperature probe, 24" OD rotary turret, with (12) 1-1/4" ID tube holders set on 5-1/2" centers with 1/4" OD product nozzle, bottom up fill, no tube / no fill, cap chute, cap placer with single head chuck style cap tighner and ejection station. Control panel has water bath, pre-dose and purge on / off switches, with power on, start, stop, e-stop push buttons and vari-speed controller. Mounted on (4) leg base frame with height adjustable legs.

OAD: 55" L x 24" W x 68" H

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Cotuplas Tube Plastic RS61

  • Manufacturer: Cotuplas
  • Model Number: RS61
  • Frain Number: 5B9061

Cotuplas RS61, Plastic or laminate tube filler and sealer rated from 10 to 40 tubes per minute – depending on materials and application. Tube size range: 13.5 – 40mm in Diameter x 55 – 230mm in Length. Currently equipped with a 4 oz piston. Rotary 12 puck unit equipped with autocassette empty tube loader, registration, large hopper to piston fill plunge fill with cut-off. Branson 187P ultrasonic tube sealing with 4" wide jaw, with coder in jaw and trim sectons and a cut-off station.

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