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PSG Lee / PPI Inc Conveyor Table Top 3"W X 169"L

PSG flexlink inspection conveyor. 3" wide and 169" long belt with 6" wide stainless steel inspection/pack side. Powered by a .33 Hp drive and a 35" discharge height.

OAD:169"L x 14"W x 37"H

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PSG Lee / PPI Inc Complete Line Food RP8-24-T/Z

Complete pre-made pouch, intermittent motion, weigh / fill / seal system with number of pouches per minute – depending on materials and application. System consists of Ohlson, Model MHW-CW10, rotary combination, weigh scale system with strain gauge load cells, weight capacity range of: 10 to 3000 grams with accuracies of ± 1gram. Equipped with stainless steel linear feeder pan, (10) stainless steel feed buckets, (10) stainless steel weigh buckets and stainless steel collating discharge chute. PSG Lee Model RP8-T/Z-24, automatic, intermittent motion, 8 station rotary, stainless steel, pre-made pouch filler and sealer. Pouch size range: 3.9" to 9.4" in Width; 13.8" in Length. Capable of handling various pouch styles flat and stand-up. Fill range: per product and application. Equipped with 72" long (3) eagle belt automatic pre-made pouch magazine with recipecating suction cup pic-n-place and 8 pouch stations on rotary disc, one for pouch placement, top zipper opener, bottom gusset opener, pouch top opener, fill station with product settler and no pouch / no fill, optional second fill station or gas flush / coupon inserter, 11" wide x 1-1/4" thick heated top seal bar and top water cooling bar with 43" long x 11" wide neophreme discharge belt conveyor to inclined transfer conveyor with vari speed controls. Control panel has A/B CPU with PSG and Ohlson touch screen interface. with readout and statis light bar. Mounted with stainless steel mezzanine and base frames with interlock safety guarding.

OAD: 130" L x 70" W x 70" H PSG Poucher
45" L x 40" W x 54" H Ohlson

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PSG Lee / PPI Inc Conveyor Table Top 9391-02

PSG, 312" long x 24" wide, plastic belt, stainless steel, incline conveyor. Equipped with a 20" high infeed, 2 hp drive, 10" high stainless steel guide rails, and a 44" high discharge. Mounted on a stainless steel frame.

OAD: 320" L x 40" W x 54" H

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PSG Lee / PPI Inc Conveyor Table Top 9435-05

PSG Dallas, 156" long x 24" wide, stainless steel, plastic belt conveyor. Equipped with a 1 hp drive, start/stop controls, and 4" high stainless steel guide rails.

OAD: 156" L x 40" W x 56" H

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