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Tetra Pack Homogenizer 2 Stage TAS15/70BAR

  • Manufacturer: Tetra Pack
  • Model Number: TAS15/70BAR
  • Frain Number: 5H3605

Alfa Laval Model TAS15, stainless steel (2) stage, homogenizer. Rated output up to 40 gallons per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Maximum operating pressure up to 70 bar or 1015 psi. Equipped with (3) ball valve cylinders with valve housing and plungers (2) stage valve and stage hydraulic homogenizing valve actuator assembly. 2-1/2" OD / 2" ID sanitary Tri-clamp charge port and 2" OD / 1-1/2" ID sanitary Tri-clamp style discharge port. Start, stop and e-stop push button controls with pressure gauge up to 400 bar or 6000psi. Mounted on stainless steel cabinet style base frame.

OAD: 48" L x 36" W x 43" H

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Tetra Pack Heat Exch Plate C10SR

  • Manufacturer: Tetra Pack
  • Model Number: C10SR
  • Frain Number: 5F6678

Tetra Pak 316 stainless steel, plate and frame heat exchanger with 1160 ft² of heat transfer area. Maximum plate capacity: 240 plates. Currently equipped with 120 plates. Plate dimensions: 60" high x 20" wide; x 8mm Thick. Workable surface area per plate: 3.75 ft². Pressure rating: up to 150 psi. Temperature rating: up to 250° F. Currently rated MWAP 145psi @ 230 Deg F, MDMT -20 @145psi all 3.75" Tri-Clover, sanitary connectons and mounted on all stainless steel base frame. Meets 3A sanitary standards

OAD: 110"L x 27"W x 106"H

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