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TNA Robag Feeder Incline/Cleated VL153189

  • Manufacturer: TNA Robag
  • Model Number: VL153189
  • Frain Number: R31753

FOODesign, Model VL153189, stainless steel inclined cleated conveyor. Equipped with a 26" wide x 28" long x 18" deep hopper, 12" wide conveyor belt with 3" high cleats set on 18¼" centers. Conveyor has a 88" long incline 44" long top horizontal run and a 80" discharge height. Powered by a 1 hp motor drive with variable speed control and mounted on a (4) leg base frame with casters.

OAD: 130"L x 45"W x 83"H

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TNA Robag Cooler Tunnel 3¼"H X 30"W

  • Manufacturer: TNA Robag
  • Model Number: 3¼"H X 30"W
  • Frain Number: 5H4130

Cryo-Jet, air cooled, cooling tunnel. Temperatures and number of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 30½" wide x 3¼" high aperture, (1) 100" long cooling chamber with 24" wide x 142" long Neoprene conveyor belt. Control panel with digital temperature controller, variable speed dial and on / off switches for condensing unit, coil fans, Cryo-Jet fans and belt. Mounted on (4) leg base frame with locking casters.

OAD: 142"L x 50"W x 75"H

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