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Plug and Play Bakery Equipment In Stock and Ready to Ship Now

Frain has new and like-new Bakery Equipment in stock, thoroughly tested and ready to ship in as little as 48 hours. Give us a call today to get the right Bakery Equipment for your project.

Types of Bakery Equipment we currently have in stock:
  • Depositors
  • Sheeters
  • Rounders

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Learn more about Bakery Equipment

Learn more about Bakery Equipment


Depositors are used to measure the desired amount of batter, dough or filling and deposit it onto a belt, pan or product prior to baking. Depositors are a sanitary method of providing consistency and quality for baked goods.


When dough leaves the divider, it has an irregular shape with sticky surfaces that allow gas to escape. The rounder creates a smooth surface around a ball shape that helps to retain the gasses needed during proofing and baking. The ball shape makes the dough easy to handle and eliminates the need for manual intervention.


Dough sheeters eliminate the need for manual rolling of the dough. Large rollers are used to flatten the dough into sheets of a uniform thickness. This allows the entire sheet to bake evenly at a consistent temperature. In addition to dough, sheeters can be used for icing, fondants and other toppings or ingredients.

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