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Package Design for Changeover with John Henry

Machine design is important to reducing changeover and there is a lot that can be done.

Package design is also critical. Package designers often do not understand how simple changes can make a big difference.

This month’s video discusses several real life examples of packages that caused unnecessary downtime and loss of manufacturing capacity.

These include:

  • Glass vials with slightly different footprints – a 0.063″ difference in diameter caused the loss of 20% of plant capacity.
  • A company packed 800+ SKUs on POP hang cards. about half the cards were 1/8″ longer than the others. This non standard size resulted in a 5 minute machine changeover rather than a 30 second card swap out.
  • A company packaged 5 carton sizes. 4 were straight tuck, one was reverse tuck. This resulted in an extra 3-4 hours of changeover time when changing between straight and reverse tuck.
  • A bottler designed their new bottle with an inverse taper, resulting in a bottle that could not run on the existing line. A bumper was later added to the bottom. Better communication between design and manufacturing would have resulted in the bumper from the initial design.
  • A round bottle needed to be oriented to align the label with a molded warning. No means of orientation was provided.

As Red Motley said, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”. If a package design or feature is needed to sell the product, manufacturing must find a way to do it. Sometimes simple changes can save much grief and money on the line. Better communication is the way to resolve this.

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