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Toggle Clamps For Changeover with John Henry

Those who know me know that my goal in any changeover is to eliminate tools. Toggle clamps are a useful way to do this. They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Most are familiar with manual toggle clamps but they also come with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

Common uses include:

Latches used to secure tank lids, doors, machine docking stations.

Push pull clamps can be used to pull two components together or to push them apart. They can be used equipment as to lift portable equipment slightly off the floor to lock it in place.

Hold down clamps are ubiquitous in some changeovers. Change parts, such as a guide plate or wrap belt have locating holes to match pins on the machine. The part is placed over the pins and the toggle clamp snaps in place to hold it down.

Most toggle clamps are single lever. Most clamps are also available with a locking trigger. This requires the trigger to be pulled before the main lever can be released. I highly recommend these on most machine applications for safety against accidental release.

Toggle clamps: One of the most useful tools in my changeover toolbox.

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