We’re All About the Now

If you’re in a pickle or in desperate need for equipment, you’re not alone.

After being in business for almost 40 years, we’ve discovered that customers who need equipment quickly are the rule, not the exception.

In turn, we’ve evolved our business to provide reliable packaging and processing machinery and complete packaging lines immediately and more and more on a rental basis.

We can help you for now.  In the meantime, many of our customers make hundreds of thousands if not millions by renting machinery for a fraction of the profits.

Carpe Diem means calling Frain to borrow equipment today.  But, before our customers call us, we’ve already spent the time and resources in shopping, purchasing, storing, and restoring high-demand machinery and complete packaging lines.

We understand that we’re just one option.  If it makes sense for you, you can use Frain now while you continue to research other long-term solutions.

Later, you can adjust as needed with our flexible rental and leasing options.

You may want to purchase equipment and you can very well still do that. Later.

When our customers need it now, we lend it to them quickly – plug-and-play.

With minimal investment or cash out of pocket, we help our customers:

  • Increase production capacity
  • Maintain production (keep running)
  • Test new packaging and product ideas or partnerships
  • Save time and frustration of hunting down machinery
  • Make money

We’re an option for you and we’re here to help now.

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