Global Confectionary Manufacturer Gets Millions of Incremental Revenue with Speed to Market

Problem: Long lead time
Solution: Speed to Market

A global confectionary manufacturer came to Frain Industries with the opportunity to get millions in additional revenue by getting a new, innovative packaging out within a specific distribution channel.

Movie goers consume candy differently, and that’s exactly what this manufacturer banked on when they bucked a trend through new, contemporary packaging.

Previously, the confection had been individually wrapped in an accommodating foil.  By, packaging the same product in a flexible, zip package – they not only reduced their scrap rate- but also catered to a specific market behavior while keeping the product fresh in the eyes of their consumers.

Frain was able to quickly invest over 1,000 man hours in putting together the complete packaging line within approximately six weeks.  The same line would have taken OEMs six times as long, if not more.

The flexible-packaging equipment line custom engineered by Frain included:

Frain Industries targeted the client’s application, and had them up and running (set the equipment to size, tested with customer product, delivered, and installed the complete line) quicker than anyone else in the industry.

The global confectionary knew that getting the product on shelves sooner meant more revenue for this product innovation, and they acted on it. Frain tended to the customer’s interest and rapidly took the complete zipper pouch line and revitalized an old customer favorite with modern packaging.

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