Thermoform (Blister) Machines

Used Thermoform (Blister) Equipment

Thermoform blister machines are designed to create depressions, pockets, or blisters in a flat plastic film. Thermoform blister machines take in flat plastic film either in roll stock or in sheet form. The thermoform blister machine will heat the plastic film over one or multiple indexes to make the plastic formable. In the forming station the thermoform blister machine will form the blister based on the tooling in the machine. The formed blister is then cooled and discharged from the machine. Thermoform blister machines can use either vacuum, a combination of vacuum, or plug assist to form the blisters. Vacuum thermoform machines use a vacuum to draw the heated film into the die. Vacuum / pressure thermoform machine use vacuum in the forming tooling to draw the film into the tooling and pressure on the opposite side of the plastic to push the plastic into the tooling. Plug assist blister thermoform machines use a mechanical plug to push the film into the tooling. Often plug assist systems work in conjunction with a vacuum drawn inside the thermoform tooling.

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