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The cutter / slicer category refers to versatile types of cutter / slicer machines that are capable of cutting, slicing, shredding, and dicing product depending on the configuration of the tooling on the machine. Cutters are cutting machines designed to cut product using a reciprocating knife or blade, or by using a rotary knife. Slicers are designed to slice elongated product using a number of knife blades within rotary tooling. The thickness of the slice can be changed by adjusting the product infeed rate and the rotary knife tooling rate. Different types of slice cut can be achieved by using different types of knife blades. Shredders are designed to create elongated pieces of product of a certain cross-sectional size and length (shreds) from a mass of product. Dicers are designed to cut product into small cubes (dice). Dicers will take in product of a certain thickness, cut the product into long strips of product, and cross-cut the strips of product to create cubes. For most of the machines in the cutter, slicer category can be converted from one type of cut to another (cutting to slicing, slicing to dicing, slicing to shredding, etc.) by changing the tooling in the machine.

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