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Solid can fillers, also known as pocket fillers, are designed to fill cans with free-flowing solids such as powders and granules. Pocket can filler use pockets to volumetrically measure out the proper amount of product to be placed into the can. The free flowing product is kept in a hopper above the pocket can filler. As the pocket rotates underneath the product hopper, product flows into the pocket and fills the pocket to the brim.

Once the pocket is filled, the volume of product in the pocket is exactly the volume of the pocket. The pocket can filler then rotates the pocket filled with product above the can. The bottom of the pocket is then opened and the product in the pocket is discharged into the can. The pocket can filler then repeats the process for the next can. Most pocket can fillers are rotary meaning that many pockets and cans are in different stages of processing at any given time. The number of pockets relates the number of cans that can be processed in a given time.

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FMC Food Tech Filler Can Solid 30PKT

  • Manufacturer: FMC Food Tech
  • Model Number: 30PKT
  • Frain Number: 5G2614

30 pocket continuous motion volumetric can filler, 5" center. Rated from 50 to 350 containers per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Can size : 1"-4" Diameter and 1" to 8". Fill range 1" to 3.5"diameter X 1" to 8"depth. Equipped with open top, 55" diameter plate, product scrapers, SLC500 PLC, run/jog switch, e-stop and start buttons. Change parts required to accommodate size range.

OAD: 92" L x 80" W x 92" H

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