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Satake Material Handling Color Sorter SMII200DE

  • Manufacturer: Satake
  • Model Number: SMII200DE
  • Frain Number: 5F6782

Satake Series ScanMaster ll Model SMII200DE, track style, infrared color sorting system designed to detect and remove discolored or defective particles from various types of products down to .3mm with rates – depending on materials and application. Equipped with two high resolution CCD cameras for viewing front and rear of product with 360° viewing capability. Vibratory product feed hopper currently set with 2 chutes that have 5 product tracks each for larger products but can fitted with 2 chutes 10 tracks each for smaller product (change parts required does not come with these extra tracks). Two control cabinets, with optical box containing the viewing and ejection systems, fluorescent lighting and air reject. Designed to look for color variations in the product such as tree nuts, peanuts, beans, sunflowers, seeds, rice and cereal grains and typical foreign material fragments of the shell and hull, stones, glass, sticks, in addition to discolored, damaged and moldy product, sensitivity can be set to check for either light or dark product. Change parts required to accommodate size range.

OAD: 44" L x 35" W x 80" H

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