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Ovens are designed for the processing of a product at a certain temperature for a current amount of time. Ovens are often used for baking or cooking. Temperature humidity ovens are designed with controls and set points to maintain certain humidity within the oven chamber as well as to maintain certain temperature Temperature humidity ovens are used to cook products with minimal moisture loss.

Tray granulation ovens are also designed to control the humidity and temperature within the oven chamber. Tray granulation ovens are often used to dry product granules. Depyrogenation ovens operate at very high temperatures and are used for sterilization of products and tooling in pharmaceutical. Roaster ovens are used for the roasting of coffees, nuts, or other products. Roaster ovens have closely controlled product agitation to achieve the proper product outcome. Ovens generate heat using a number of different sources including, electricity, steam, and natural gas.

Frain has a full line of batch ovens and continuous ovens. Batch ovens take a certain amount (batch) of product and process it for a certain amount of time. Once the product is processed, the batch is removed from the oven and another batch can be placed in the oven. Continuous ovens move the product through the oven so that many pieces of product are being processed at the same time, but each piece is at a different stage of processing.

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DFE / KAAK / Naegele Ovens Baking 6 ZONE

DFE Danish Food Equipment, 44 meter long x 1.8 meter wide, (6) zone, direct gas fired baking oven. Excepts most dough products with volumes, speeds temperature and bake times per hour – specific to type and size of product being run. Equipped with (14) standard stainless steel plated tunnel sections, (6) heating tower sections (1) drive roller out feed end and (1) tentioning roller in feed end measuring 74" long x 34" in diameter for metal band belt (not on it now). (1) hydraulic unit for belt tentioning (1) belt brush cleaning unit, (1) in feed and (1) out feed exhaust hoods (1) main control panel, direct heat gas burners, placed over and under the baking conveyor, burners heat up baking chamber with zero gas pressure and blowers send controlled air flow through injectors of each burner for the correct amount of gas keeping the right baking temperature in the oven and has a temperature range from 0 to 400 Deg F. Top mounted individual controllers one for each zone and is modular designed. Mounted on multi leg base frame.

OAD: 120′ L x 84" W x 60" H

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Pulver Genau Inc Ovens Baking BROWNING OVEN

Variable speed five zone browning oven rated at 425°F with variable speed and temperature controls ranging from 7-75 fpm depending upon application. Equipped with 180"L (15’L) x 21"W mesh conveyor with a tunnel apreture of 24"W x 8"H. Also features LCD readout, individual temperature zones and the unit is mounted on casters.

OAD: 192"L x 52"W x 92"H

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Davron Technology Inc Ovens Baking DTI-1011

Davron Model DTI-1011, continous, natural gas fired, (4) zone, individual heated, baking oven, with number of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with (4) 26 feet long x 84" wide x 120" high oven sections each with 24" wide x 4-1/2" high usable product aperatures and heated by an individual natural gas fired burner designed for operating temperatures from 200 to 450 Deg F. with digital temperature controller each zone. 24" wide wire metal mesh conveyor belt that extends 48" before the entrance and 228" beyond the exit ends of the oven to allow for product to be loaded and unloaded from the heat chambers. (4) side access doors along the length of oven sections (1) one side and (3) on side with controller providing cleaning and maintenance access. Automatic belt tracking and pneumatic tension system are used to track proper tension.and compensates for thermal expansion of belt during operation. Top mounted 5 Hp motor drives and centrifugal blower system each chamber designed to provide combination vertical up and down airflow to contact the product from both top and bottom. Control panel each section have A/B vari-speed and temperature controllers with burner, fans, pilot light, section power on / off controls and circulation fan VFD touch pad controller.

OAD: 1,248" L x 84" W x 120" H Oven
1,524" L x 84" W x 120" H With In feed and Discharge Conveyors

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Calumatic Ovens Depyrogenation CST12L

  • Manufacturer: Calumatic
  • Model Number: CST12L
  • Frain Number: 5C9732

Calumatic Model CST Series, sterilization and de-pyrogenation tunnel oven rated up to 1200 vials per batch – depending on materials, application and size of vial being run. Vial size range and outputs of: 2ml@790 per minute to 200ml@40 per minute. It’s design enables precise process requirements, and minimizes pressure fluctuation within the asepic area, while operating at temperatures in excess of 360 Deg C. Has HEPA (high efficency particulate air) filters, all stainless steel 48" wide x 14′ long mesh container handling belt, with 9′ in sterilization section, were items are heated up to an equal initial temperature and evenly heated, sterilized and depyrogenized by infrared radiant heat and dwell time is Approx 20 minutes. Has remote control panel and was running in conjuction with Clamatic CRW-1 high speed rotary cleaner. Last running in conjunction with Calumatic CRW-TP28 vial washer.

OAD: 180" L x 52" W x 84" H.

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