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Tray granulation ovens are a type of oven that are used as primarily as batch processes whereby the product is placed onto trays placed into an oven where controlled heated air is used to dry the product through a desired drying profile to the requisite moisture and conditions. The tray granulation oven process can be accurately controlled for the drying and cooling profiles and is usually a batch operation.

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Gruenberg Ovens Tray/Granulation T18HS68.1SS

  • Manufacturer: Gruenberg
  • Model Number: T18HS68.1SS
  • Frain Number: 5E8750

Mid size, truck in, S/S, single door, tray granulation oven. Inner chamber dimensions of: 44" W x 40" D x 77" H Heat Source: Steam Approx 78 cu ft chamber capacity with 304-2-B S/S milled finish, 304 S/S truck in cart, has (27) 36" W x 30" L x 1" thick 304-2-B milled S/S finish trays with 3/8" perforations on 1/2" centers, and 1 1/2" tray separation. Exterior is all 304 #4 polished S/S, and NFPA Class B atmospheric non-explosion construction, temperatures above ambient to 80 deg c (176 deg f) with normal operating temperatures of 50 deg c (max to 176 deg f). horizontal airflow 1495 cfm @ 70 f. with 1.5" S.P. recirculation. HEPA filters, steam capable to 60,000 BTU, Athena 4000 temperature controller, with Partlow combination temperature indicator and controller, and a Honeywell circular chart recorder.
Steam Source (60,000 BTU) required.

OAD: 78" W x 46"L x 112"H

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