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Used Temperature/Humidity Equipment

Oven Temperature Humidity are types of ovens used with high humidity and direct fired burners to achieve the heating with reticulating hot humid air to seat set and cook products with minimal moisture loss. The products are conveyed through continuous versions of temperature humidity ovens and placed onto trays fro the batch type of operations.

Temperature/Humidity Equipment In Stock

Fisher Ovens Temperature/Humidity FIPCO3000DABB

  • Manufacturer: Fisher
  • Model Number: FIPCO3000DABB
  • Frain Number: 5G1543

(2) Stacked Fisher Scientific Isotemp plus, CO2, water jacketed incubators. Each incubator is equipped with outer door, inner glass door, stainless steel interior, 6.5ft³ interior space, (3) moveable shelves, CO2 level detection, chamber and jacket temperature sensors and CO2 level and temperature controls. Units share CO2 input and power source.

OAD: 23"L x 26"W x 78"H

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