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Oven baking covers a wide variety of ovens that can be used for baking and proofing products. Oven baking type of ovens can be a rotary batch tray oven for baking products in batches with manual loading and discharging. The continuous ovens can be endless belts were the product is loaded directly onto a belt or band and conveyed through the ovens with the various top and bottom heating and air circulation zones. Baking ovens can be indirectly fired or direct fired with a portion of heated air exhausted to compliment to air burned for combustion for direct operations and a percentage used for indirect operations.

Baking Equipment In Stock

Pulver Genau Inc Ovens Baking BROWNING OVEN

Variable speed five zone browning oven rated at 425°F with variable speed and temperature controls ranging from 7-75 fpm depending upon application. Equipped with 180"L (15’L) x 21"W mesh conveyor with a tunnel apreture of 24"W x 8"H. Also features LCD readout, individual temperature zones and the unit is mounted on casters.

OAD: 192"L x 52"W x 92"H

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Davron Technology Inc Ovens Baking DTI-1011

Davron Model DTI-1011, continous, natural gas fired, (4) zone, individual heated, baking oven, with number of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with (4) 26 feet long x 84" wide x 120" high oven sections each with 24" wide x 4-1/2" high usable product aperatures and heated by an individual natural gas fired burner designed for operating temperatures from 200 to 450 Deg F. with digital temperature controller each zone. 24" wide wire metal mesh conveyor belt that extends 48" before the entrance and 228" beyond the exit ends of the oven to allow for product to be loaded and unloaded from the heat chambers. (4) side access doors along the length of oven sections (1) one side and (3) on side with controller providing cleaning and maintenance access. Automatic belt tracking and pneumatic tension system are used to track proper tension.and compensates for thermal expansion of belt during operation. Top mounted 5 Hp motor drives and centrifugal blower system each chamber designed to provide combination vertical up and down airflow to contact the product from both top and bottom. Control panel each section have A/B vari-speed and temperature controllers with burner, fans, pilot light, section power on / off controls and circulation fan VFD touch pad controller.

OAD: 1,248" L x 84" W x 120" H Oven
1,524" L x 84" W x 120" H With In feed and Discharge Conveyors

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Gemini Bakery Equipment Ovens Baking 9042-GF

Gemini Model 9042-GF, one double or two single rack capacity, stainless steel, gas fired baking oven up to 350,000 Btu/h. Chamber dimmensions: 56" in Width; 42" in Depth; 74" in Height. Temperature range: 120 to 660°F. Maximum tray size: single rack 29" x 39"; double rack 18" x 30", maximum load rack lift and platform of 1200 lbs, swing door diameter of 51.2". Equipped with 3/8" NPT water connection, 1/2" water drain NPT, automatic over pressure damper 6.3" in diameter, hood connection 10" in diameter, supply air and evacuation steam of 4 x 1-1/2", flue gas connection 10" diameter, gas connection NPT 3/4" in diameter. Control panel with heat, bake and steam systems on / off buttons and controllers. Includes two single racks.

OAD: 92" L x 60" W x 90" H

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Heat & Control Ovens Baking MPO4060

Heat & Control Model MPO4060, Continuous re-circulating multi-zone MPO direct gas fired and steam injection stainless steel cooking oven, with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 60′ long x 48" wide stainless steel chamber with 200 sq ft of cook area and belt width of 40”. (2) burners, rated to 4,200,000 BTU with steam injection, drip pans and CIP cleaning system. PLC controls with (2) zones of steam, (2) zones of heat and can be run simultaneously. belt steamer washer, also equipped with water cooling jacket.and is hydraulic driven.

OAD: 790” L x 93” W x 142” H

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Meincke Ovens Baking 200 4 ZONE

  • Manufacturer: Meincke
  • Model Number: 200 4 ZONE
  • Frain Number: 5D0740

Meinke Mdel 200, 4 zone, natural gas impingement oven. Design temperature to 650 degree F. Bake time from 0.5 to 5 minutes. Oven length of 92′. Conveyor length of 111′. Band working width of 48". Band to top 4.1". Humid air extraction rate 700 cfm per zone. Interior materials of construction are Corten steel. Exterior panels are polished stainless steel. High carbon steel wire mesh belt and Allen Bradley plc with Panel view 1200 display. Never used in production.

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