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Used Stretch Wrapper Automatic machines wrap stretch film around a skid of product. The film is pre-stretched by the machine before being wrapped around the skid of product. Skid automatically indexes into the machine, film is automatically attached, the film is automatically cut after wrapping the skid of product, and the skid of product is automatically discharged.

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Wulftec Stretch Wrapper Automatic WCA-SMART

  • Manufacturer: Wulftec
  • Model Number: WCA-SMART
  • Frain Number: 5J1211

Wulftec, Model WCA-SMART, Automatic, column style stretch wrapper. Pallets up to: 48" in Length; 48" in Width; 80" in Height. Weight capacity: 4,000 lbs. Equipped with 60" long x 48" wide powered roller infeed conveyor, 77" Diameter x 1/2" steel plate turntable wrap section and 60" long x 48" wide powered discharge conveyor with steel cage safety guarding. Additionally features 50% to 300% pre-stretch. Control panel has AB PLC with touch screen HMI. Film specifications: up to 20" in Width; up to 14" in Diameter; 3" core. Rated dependent on materials, application and machine configuration.

OAD: 130"L x 90"W x 105"H – Main Wrapper

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Arpac Stretch Wrapper Automatic PAC-4R5

  • Manufacturer: Arpac
  • Model Number: PAC-4R5
  • Frain Number: R33980

Arpac, Model Pac-4R5, automatic, column style, pallet stretch wrapper with number of pallets per hour – depending on materials, application, machine configuration and environment. Pallet size range: 30" to 48" in Length; 30" to 48" in Width. Load diagonal range: 43" to 68". Load / Wrap height range: 24" to 77". Weight capacity: up to 4,000 lbs. Equipped with 5′ powered in feed roller conveyor, 79" OD turntable and 5’ powered out feed roller conveyor with pallet end stop and fork truck capable Control panel has Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 ethernet enabled PLC, Panel View Plus 7 operator interface, fence style safety cage around wrap zone, interlocked access door. Turntable speed: up to 15 rpm. Conveyor speed 35 fpm fixed. Conveyor elevation to top of rollers: 18". Film to 200% pre-stretch. Accepts 20" wide stretch film.

OAD: 200" L x *171" W x 101" H
* (dimension includes wrap station guarding)

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Mima Stretch Wrapper Automatic COBRAXL

  • Manufacturer: Mima
  • Model Number: COBRAXL
  • Frain Number: 5H2980

Mima, Model Cobra XL, automatic, overhead spiral style stretch wrapper. Rated from 10 to 35 loads per hour – depending on materials and application. Load dimensions: 36" to 52" in Length; 36" to 48" in Width; 36" to 80" in Height. Maximum load weight: 2975 lbs. Equipped with 57" wide x 262" long roller conveyor with an 18" infeed / discharge height and (5) chain 90° transfer section. 80" high column has film carriage delivery system with 250% pre-stretch and film brush station with impulse cutter heat sealer. Film specifications: 20" film width. Control panel has an AB controller with push button start / stop controls and touch pad display. Mounted on heavy duty welded base frame with cage style guarding.

OAD: 270"L x 98"W x 158"H

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Lantech Stretch Wrapper Automatic VA

  • Manufacturer: Lantech
  • Model Number: VA
  • Frain Number: 5F7794

Lantech, automatic, column style, stretch wrapper rated 5 to 45 loads per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Can handle loads up to 48" Long x 48" Wide x 70" High and maximum weight of 4000 lbs. Equipped with 72" diameter roller turntable and has 54" long x 2-1/2" diameter rollers on 4" centers with 1-1/2" gaps, roll carriage column with E-Z thread 20" wide x 10" diameter film roll, 200% pre-stretch standard, scissor cut-off, wipe station and control panel with A/B Controller.

OAD: 130" L x 84" W x 102" H

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