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PMI Complete Line Container UF005 PMI Complete Line Container UF005 American Process Systems Mixer Powder Paddle S.S. UF005

PMI, Complete, automatic, continuous motion, servo driven, horizontal cookie packaging line with number of cartons and product per minute – depending on material and application. Equipped with (2) right angle turn product in feed conveyors with 96" long x 2" wide belts, to (2) product transfer conveyors (1) 162" long and (1) 130" long with 7-1/2" wide belts and 9-1/2" long x 9-1/4" wide x 5" deep fixed product buckets, dual robotic (3) head with 10 suction cups each product pick n place machines. PMI Model FB-PK-HS-02311, automatic (4) chains adjustable, horizontal cartoner set on 15" centers with 2-1/4" high x 4-1/2" high lugs, 64" long automatic single belt blank carton magazine, (3) head rotary pic-n-place with top product hold down, barrel cam loader, Nordson ProBlue hot melt glue system, carton flap tuckers and closing belts, no-carton, no-fill and no-product, no-carton controls with side compression and discharge belts. Control panel has A/B controls and A/B swing arm controller with panel view and has start, stop, reset and e-stop push buttons with statis lights bars. All Mounted on heavy duty frames with interlock safety guarding and leveling legs.

Markem Lazer Coder Available At Additional Cost

OAD: 596" L x 112" W x 94" H Total Line

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American Process Systems Bag Dumper BAG DUMPER

American Process, stainless steel, bag dump station with dual cartridge dust collection hood. Equipped with (2) 4.5" OD inlets, 1.5 hp top mounted blower, and flip open stainless steel front cover, dust collection system with pulse clean feature, stainless steel breaker bars, and 5" OD discharge with 10" of ground clearance. Mounted on stainless steel frame.

OAD: 64" L x 38" W x 84" H

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American Process Systems Mixer Powder Ribbon S. S. 20 FT³

American Process, 20 ft³, 316 stainless steel ribbon mixer with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Toatal capacity: 20 ft³ Working capacity: 17 ft³. Single trough dimensions: 60" in Length; 24" in Width; 28" in Depth. Equipped with lift up safety grate, 1" wide x ¼" thick (outer) / 2" wide x (1/8)" thick (inner) stainless steel ribbons and single end pneumatic gate discharges with 61" ground clearance.Powered by a 7½ hp drive.

OAD: 90"L x 34"W x 90"H

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American Process Systems Mixer Paste Horizontal DRB40

American Process Systems, 40 ft³, 316 stainless steel low pressure jacketed ribbon and paddle mixer. Inner mixing chamber dimensions of: 78" in Length; 32" in Width; 35" in Depth. Equipped with flip up bolt down covers, lift out safety grate, thermowell, 3" diameter mixing shaft with (2) 2" wide x (3/8)" thick outer stainless steel ribbons, scrapper blades and inner paddles powered by a 5 hp drive. Bottom end discharge with 3½"OD / 3"ID Tri-clamp connection, pneumatic flow valve and 10" ground clearance.

Vessel Access:
(1) 3¾"OD / 3"ID Tri-Clamp
(2) 2½"OD / 2"ID Tri-Clamp
(1) 1" NPT

Jacket Access:
(4) 1¼" NPT

OAD: 128"L x 42"W x 78"H

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American Process Systems Feeder Auger TSC

Dual, 68"L x 9"W, S/S, covered trough style screw conveyors. Unit has a 10"L x 40"W OD / 8"L x 38"W flanged inlet with 1/4" bolt holes on 11" centers, (2) 68"L x 9" dia screw converyors with 3" diameter shafts and 4"centers, and (2) 10"L x 10"W discharges.

OAD: 82"L x 44"W x 21"H

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American Process Systems Conveyor Screw SSF-9

American Process Systems, 9" diameter x 65" long, stainless steel screw conveyor. Equipped with a 65" long x 15" wide narrowing to 10" wide trough, 9" diameter screw on a 3" diameter shaft with 5" centers on the infeed end and 9" centers on the discharge end. Has a 22"L x 15"W product infeed and a 10"L x 10"W discharge.

OAD: 82"L x 32"W x 26"H

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