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Hughes Blanchers Rotary D0042326D

  • Manufacturer: Hughes
  • Model Number: D0042326D
  • Frain Number: 5D8077

Hughes Model 60" diameter x 96" long, 316 stainless steel, heat and hold drum, rated from 0 to 7,350 lbs per hour – depending on materials and application. Temperatures to 212° F water with capacities to 305 gallons, has maximum pressure of 125 psi. Equipped with 20" diameter end ports, steam heated hot water immersion, with 2-1/2" tri-clamps, centrifugal pump and vertical lift hood, 30" long x 12" wide end bottom discharge port, 20 hp motor drive and is mounted on stainless steel frame. Designed as a coating drum they sprayed an acid and oil onto the pasta that came from the blancher. Last doing pasta at 6,750 lbs per hour.

OAD: 181" L x 108" W x 120" H

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