Photo of Lee Kettle Triple Motion 60D12T

Lee Kettle Triple Motion 60D12T

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Lee Model 60D12T, 316 S/S, jacketed 60 gallon, triple motion kettle. Equipped with bolt down dome top, tilt out agitation, thermo well and dish bottom with 2-1/2" OD sanitary center bottom discharge at 14" floor clearance. Control panel with digital display and start, stop and e-stop. Mounted on (4) leg stainless steel base. Variable speed.

Agitation: scrape surface, counter rotating & high shear / homogenizing.

Vessel Dimensions: 36" OD; 32" Deep.

Jacket rated: MAWP 90psi @ 332°F; MDMT of -20°F @ 90psi.

Internal Pressure Rated: MAWP 15psi @ 250°F; MDMT of -20°F @ 15psi.

Vessel Designed for Vacuum Service Internal

National Board: 5301

OAD: 74" L x 48" W x 105" H

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