Pneumatic Scale Capper Pluggers TC450-10C / FT50

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Pneumatic Scale Model TC450-10C plugger and Hoosier Feeder Company Moel FT50 feeder system.

Hoosier Feeder Company Model FT50, 30 cu ft stainless steel, prefeeder and vibratory rigid disc centrifical feed system and inclined cleated conveyor with number of product per minute – depending on materials and application. Maximum container diameter 4.97" Maximum square container with turret pockets 3.93" x 3.93". Equipped with 26" long x 40" wide x 22" deep, stainless steel product hopper with 104" long x 23" wide incline product feed belt with 1" high cleats set on 6" centers and discharge chute with 51" discharge height. 48" diameter stainless steel vibratory feeder bowl with 2" wide x 1" high tracks with low product eye and control panel with feeder and bowl vari speed controls, start, stop, reset push buttons and statis light bar. Mounted on stainless steel base platform with height adjustable leveling legs.

Pneumatic Scale, Model TC450-10C, plugger equipped with 52" long x 4½" wide container conveyor with 48" long worm screw to star wheel container handling, no container / no cap, (10) pluggers set on 5½" centers to star wheel discharge and (1) 28" long x 4½" wide discharge alongside of (1) 28" long x 4½" wide reject lane conveyor. Remote Control panel has A/B Panelview 1000 HMI touch screen controls and stop, start and e-stop buttons. Mounted on heavy duty base frame with interlock safety door guarding and statis light bar.

OAD: 144"L x 42"W x 84"H (Conveyor)
88"L x 77"W x 57"H (Feeder Bowl)
124"L x 70"W x 92"H (Plugger)
16"L x 90"W x 80"H (Control Panel)

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