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The Frain Group can help you with your aerosol filler project no matter how big or small your aerosol needs. Aerosol fillers are associated with filling a product into an aerosol container. This can be done in a rotary or in line manner with the former being the higher speed equipment. Product to be filled needs to be filled along stem for facilitating product egress from the container.

Filler Aerosol Equipment In Stock

Cherry Burrell Aerosol Filler FFH8

Low capacity ingredient feeder capable of 80 to 900 gph of ice cream throughput. Has 3/4 cu.ft. stainless steel ingredient hopper with gentle mixing action, 3" dia x 12"H downstream product blender, 2 1/2" threaded O.D. inlet, 2 1/2" threaded I.D. outlet, spinning disc in hopper to meter ingredients into product stream, and rotary disc to mix product in product stream. Mounted on casters. Incorporates exact amounts of wet or dry ingredients into the finished ice cream.

OAD: 31"L x 24"W x 54"H

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Kartridg Pak Aerosol Filler 124-42-12

  • Manufacturer: Kartridg Pak
  • Model Number: 124-42-12
  • Frain Number: 5C1593

Kartridg Pak Model 124-42-12 a fully automatic 12 head rotary open can product filler capable of speeds of 25 cpm per head or 300 cans per minute. Has a fill range of: 4 – 550cc with Changeparts, Currently set up with 250cc fill heads. Container size range of (with proper change parts): HEIGHT 2.38" – 12.25" (61mm – 311mm) x DIAMETER 1.375" x 3.00" (35mm – 76mm). No can no fill. (OAD: 60"L x 54"W x 84"H).

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Kartridg Pak Aerosol Filler RPD18

  • Manufacturer: Kartridg Pak
  • Model Number: RPD18
  • Frain Number: 5D5833

Kartridge Pak RPD18, Automatic, 18 hd rotary, 316 S/S, piston filler capable of speeds up to 450 cpm depending size container and fill. Has fill size range from 5cc – 1000cc with accuracies of .5cc and can handle container up to 32oz. 30" OD turn table, has 18 fill stations with 4" L x 5" W rising container platforms, 3 3/4" ID open design air operated product pistons, with 1/4" OD cut-off nozzles have 2" dia tri-clover fittings, worm screw to a star wheel infeed, and discharge, no container / no fill bottom up fill, capable of handling various type liquid fills, free-flowing, or viscous up to 15,000 centipoise warm or cold, has a Tri-clover product pump into holding basin with a 2 1/2" OD intake and a temperature gauge, and is mounted, S/S base frame with S/S, bolt down saftey guarding.

OAD: 84" L x 70" W x 96" H

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