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Aerosol tippers and aerosol crimpers are two different types of machines that are designed to perform different functions. Aerosol crimpers are designed to crimp the top of the aerosol can after the can is charged or filled with propellant. The crimped top of the can created by the aerosol crimper prevents the propellant from leaving the aerosol can. A crimp can exiting an aerosol crimper can have the tightness of the crimp seal check by passing the aerosol container through a water bath. Aerosol tippers or aerosol valve placers are designed to insert valves or tips to the top of an aerosol can. Aerosol tippers can be designed to handle valves with or without dip tubes. Because of the dip tubes, aerosol tippers designed to apply valves with dip tubes to aerosol cans are more complex than aerosol tippers designed to apply tips without dip tubes.

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Tipper/Crimper Equipment In Stock

JG Aerosol Tipper/Crimper

  • Manufacturer: JG
  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5E0148

JG, semi automatic, dual post crimping unit with single cycle crimping. Capable of up to 15 closures per minute. Currently set for 20mm cap closure. The Heads are also adjustable up and down for different height containers. Air operated with start / stop push buttons on each side to cycle.

OAD: 34" L x 34" W x 62" H

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