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Single screw extruders are the most common type of screw extruder. Single screw extruders use a single screw in combination with a cylinder or barrel for providing the mixing and conveyance through the extruder die plate at the end other end of the extruder to form the final product shape. There a numerous combination of screws and barrels to provide the necessary mixing, texturizing and kneading of the product to make it suitable for shaping through a die plate and sized to a required length.

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Extrutech Extruder Single Screw E-925

  • Manufacturer: Extrutech
  • Model Number: E-925
  • Frain Number: 5F6530

Extrutech Model E-925, inline, (5) zone, single screw extruder, with production rates from 10,000 to 33,000 Lbs of kibble style dog food or 10,000 to 26,000 Ibs of kibble style cat food per hour. Equipped with 9" x 11" product feed hopper, 10" OD single screw and has (5) 18" in long flanged barrel sections with 18" OD (6) 7/8" bolt holes on 8" centers and 9-1/2" ID. (2) sections have jackets and ports for injection of either water or steam into the barrel segments to control extrusion temperatures all have individual temperatures gauges from 0 to 240 Deg F and 8-3/4" OD end product discharge port with VFD control panel. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 264" L x 52" W x 68" H

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Buhler-Maig Extruder Single Screw M-MN-400

  • Manufacturer: Buhler-Maig
  • Model Number: M-MN-400
  • Frain Number: 5H6570

Buhler Maig Model M-MN-400, inline, single screw extruder with productions rates per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with product portioner and has product feed hopper with dual 36" long x 2" OD screws feeding 58" long x 4-1/4" OD single screw extruder with 36" long x 4-1/2" OD single barrel and 8-1/2" OD / 4-1/2" ID flanged end product discharge port with (6) 3/4" bolt holes set on 6" centers and 36" floor clearence. Buhler Maig Micro dosing feeder for consitent volumetric proportioning of micro-ingredients such as vitamins, ascorbic acid, dry gluten, egg powder as well as flavoring agents and colorants, thats feeding into the dual screw portioner section that is feeding the single screw extruder. Remote control panel has A/B CPU and stand alone controller with manual, auto, auto clean, standard and nominal run, mixer kneader and mixer kneader up / down, press screw fill water pipe, dosers with on / off switch e-stop and e-stop reset controls and individual temperature controller and a Mokon water heater. All mounted on individual frames.

OAD: 108" L x 48" W x 67" H Screw Extruder
40" L x 48" W x 74" H # (1) Doser
35" L x 32" W x 55" H # (2) Doser
30" L x 30" W x 82" H Main Control Panel
36" L x 20" W x 24" H Mokon Water Heater

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Bonnot Extruder Single Screw 2 1/4

  • Manufacturer: Bonnot
  • Model Number: 2 1/4
  • Frain Number: 5C4282

Bonnot single screw extruder. Equipped with 2-1/2" diameter by 40" long screw (16: 1 L to D), four 10" barrel segments with individual jackets for heating or cooling (temperature range up to 550°F) and 20 HP variable speed drive. Rates dependent on materials, application and machine configuration.
OAD: 87" L x 41" W x 48" H

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Sigma Equipment Extruder Single Screw LE3D

Sigma, Model LE-3D, duplex vacuum plodder/extruder. Capable of processing 40 kg/hr – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with 13½" long x 12"wide x 8" deep stainless steel supply hopper with safety grid. Upper stage has 3" diameter x 12" long water cooled screw into a refining plate and vacuum chamber. Lower stage has 3" diameter x 12" long water cooled screw into a refining plate and electrically heated extrusion cone with 1¾" ID outlet with 30" ground clearance. Control panel with on / off switches for vacuum pump and heater and independent variable speed controls for upper and lower stage screws. Water cooling is supplied by (2) ½" NPT fittings.

OAD: 55"L x 41"W x 80"H

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Wenger Extruder Single Screw X20

  • Manufacturer: Wenger
  • Model Number: X20
  • Frain Number: R27500

Wenger Model X20, Single screw extruder will continuously cook 100 to 1,000 Lbs per hour of grain and cereal based products depending on size, shape, density required. Extruder has 3.25" OD x 30" long with 6 heads (barrels), jacketed for hot water. System consists of Accurate 1-1/2 screw feeder to a Wenger dual 6" OD x 30"L stainless steel conditioner with 1.5 Hp motor drive, with Toshiba AC frequency inverter. Ideal barrel size for starch base products like cereal. With rotary knife cut-off that is hinged to swing away for clean-up. Mounted on heavy duty frame.

OAD: 119" L x 48" W x 94" H

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