Buhler-Maig Extruder Single Screw M-MN-400

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  • Manufacturer: Buhler-Maig
  • Model: M-MN-400
  • Frain Number: 5H6570
  • Category: Extruder
  • Subcategory: Single Screw
  • Condition: Used, in excellent condition
  • Availability: In Stock

Buhler Maig Model M-MN-400, inline, single screw extruder with productions rates per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with product portioner that has product feed hopper with dual 36" long x 2" OD screws feeding 58" long x 4-1/4" OD single screw extruder with 36" long x 4-1/2" OD single barrel and 8-1/2" OD / 4-1/2" ID flanged end product discharge port with (6) 3/4" bolt holes set on 6" centers and 36" floor clearence. Buhler Maig Micro dosing feeder for consitent volumetric proportioning of micro-ingredients such as vitamins, ascorbic acid, dry gluten, egg powder as well as flavoring agents and colorants, thats feeding into the dual screw portioner section that is feeding the single screw extruder. Main remote control panel has A/B CPU and stand alone controller with manual, auto, auto clean, standard and nominal run, mixer kneader and mixer kneader up / down, press screw fill water pipe, dosers with on / off switch e-stop and e-stop reset controls and individual temperature controller and a Mokon water heater. All mounted on individual frames.

OAD: 108" L x 48" W x 67" H Screw Extruder
40" L x 48" W x 74" H # (1) Doser
35" L x 32" W x 55" H # (2) Doser
30" L x 30" W x 82" H Main Control Panel
36" L x 20" W x 24" H Mokon Water Heater

The Frain Advantages

  • Complete Line Integration
  • Machinery Retrofit and Recondition
  • In-House Testing, Proof of Concept, Trial Runs
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • 35 Years In Business


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