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Filler Powder Scales use a gravimetric method to measure dry materials out in preparation for filling into a container. Scale powder fillers can be a single head scaling operation to multiple heads for high production rates and accuracies. Dusty products are of special concern to reduce the amount of handling and free fall in the scaling metering operations.

Scale Equipment In Stock

All Fill Filler Powder Scale R

  • Manufacturer: All Fill
  • Model Number: R
  • Frain Number: 5H0120

All Fill twin head 8 station, rotary powder filler with worm screw infeed and table top chain conveyor.

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Parsons Filler Powder Scale ELMHV/S

  • Manufacturer: Parsons
  • Model Number: ELMHV/S
  • Frain Number: 5E9190

Parsons Model ELMHV/S, open mouth bag weigh scale filling system rated from 2 to 12 weighments per lane or 4 to 25 bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Bag size range: up to 27" in Length; up to 19" in Width. Fill range: 5 to 50 lbs. Accuracies: +/- 2 grams on 10 lbs of sugar; +/- 7 grams on 50 lbs of pet food. Equipped with 3 lane linear scale system, 18" wide discharge funnel, S-series Simplex bag hanger with magazine, reciprocating bag pick and place, vacuum bag opener, bag platform with single arm discharge and take away conveyor. Microprocessor controller and conditioning conveyor. Last running 5 lb bags of pet food at 25 bags per minute.


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