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Bins are storage and transportation containers for both liquids and solids. They tend to be for bulk size storage and transportation of 30 to 45 cubic feet. Bin equipment is designed for transportation within a plant or between plants (depending on the construction of the bin). Because bins are designed to be transported, they will often have slots for fork truck forks, eyelets for top mounted carrying chains, or other such transportation assistance devices.Bins also have different mechanisms for getting product in and out of the bins. These are usually dependent upon which type of product the bin was designed to carry. Bin equipment designed to carry liquid will often have liquid connection valves through the lid of the bin for liquid filling, and liquid connection valves through the bottom for liquid discharge. Bin equipment designed to carry powder can be designed with an open or covered top where the powder is filled into the bin through this top opening and discharged through this same opening by turning the bin upside-down. Bins can be made from metal or plastic, and the product to be carried normally determines the material of construction for the bins. Bin equipment is also commonly known by the names totes or gaylords.

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Bins 100 CU FT

  • Model Number: 100 CU FT
  • Frain Number: 5B4195

100 cu ft, 304 S/S Dry powder hopper measures 60" diameter x 52" straight wall with a vertical sweep agitator running at 4 rpm. Equipped with a 8" discharge with vibrator. Top cover has a 12" inlet hole and a 20" latching man way cover.

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Custom Powder Systems Bins Totes 610817

Custom Powder Systems, Model 610817, 304 stainless steel 225 liter capacity blending tote / bin. Equipped with a 18" wide x 22" long x 42" deep vessel, 18" diameter manway with clamp down cover and 9" diameter discharge with butterfly valve. Mounted on heavy duty stainless steel forklift base.

OAD: 50"L x 50"W x 56"H

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