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Retort Basket Canning Equipment systems are designed to be able to handle filled and sealed cans or jars by placing them into a retort crate for thermo-processing to produce a sterile product. Retort basket canning equipment is either vertical or horizontal with complete controls for providing the quality and consistency required for producing high quality products. Canning retort baskets also provide a spin off system that does not use crates and loads the cans directly into the retort for thermo processing. The cans are then removed from the bottom of this type of retort and unscrambled and orientated for subsequent processing.

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Stock America Inc Canning Retort Baskets SURDRY AR-175

Stock America Inc, Model Surdry, SL-AR175-W2, (5) basket, horizontal, rotating batch, steam sterilization and water-cooling retort. Stainless steel interior and exterior. Chamber dimensions: 68" Inner Diameter; 276" in Length. MAWP: 71psi @ 302°F. Equipped with 67" diameter, hydraulically operated, vertically opening access door, insulated shell, water spray nozzles and 45 Hp motor drive. Agitating speed: 2 to 8 rpm (for more thorough temperature transmission, recommendation of 5 rpm maximum). Control panel has door open, door close, manual, auto and jog switches, with e-stop and statis light. Number of product per hour dependent on materials, application, and machine configuration. National Board Number # 44.

OAD: 332" L x 84" W x 80" H

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Rose Forgrove Wrapper Horiz. Wrapper 2 BASKET Rose Forgrove Wrapper Horiz. Wrapper 2 BASKET Reid Boiler Works Inc Canning Retort Baskets 2 BASKET

Rose Forgrove Model Integra 602, Automatic, servo driven, horizontal wrapper, rated from 60 to 150 packages per minute – depending on materials and application. Package size range: 3.35" to 23.6" in Length x up to 10" in Width x up to 5.90" in Height. Equipped with stainless steel contact parts, all servo controls, 2 product in feed conveyors, into lugged feed conveyor set on 12" centers, dual film arbors with splice station, film registration, bottom fin seal wheels, 1-up, 11" Long x 1- 1/4" Thick serrated hot knife box motion cross cut seal jaw with flip up, shut off safety guarding. A/B servo controls has swing arm touch pad controller with panelview, statis light bar, e-stop buttons. Film spec’s: Maximum of 17-3/4" reel width, 19" diameter and 3" OD core. Mounted on steel it base frame with casters.

OAD: 240" L x 70" W x 72" H

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Alar Engineering Corporation Filter Plate & Frame 2 BASKET Alar Engineering Corporation Filter Plate & Frame 2 BASKET Reid Boiler Works Inc Canning Retort Baskets 2 BASKET

Alar Model Micro-Klean Hydraulic, plate and frame, filter press rated at 20 minutes per filtration cycle. Equipped with eleven 19-1/4" Long x 19-14" Wide x 2-1/4" thick recessed polypropylene filtration plates, hydraulic opening and closing ram. Filtration area: 15.4ft². Volume: 2.3 ft³, with two 1-3/4" OD threaded top and two 1-3/4" OD threaded bottom outlets, PVC piping and mounted on four leg base frame. Dewatering system removes solids from wastewater and produces a clean effluent.

OAD: 91" L x 30" W x 56" H

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