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Cleaner Equipment – Equipment related to the cleaning of equipment, or the cleaning of packaging such as containers and bottles. Cleaner equipment is designed to clean the interior or exterior of container or bottles prior to filling, or after filling and before labeling. Cleaner equipment can use air, de-ionized air, water, brushes, or a combination of methods to clean the interior or exterior of containers. Cleaner equipment is used to clean the interior of containers prior to filling them to eliminate contaminants. Cleaner equipment is used to clean the exterior of containers prior to labeling to remove any foreign matter from the container that would interfere with the adhesion of the label to the container.

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Carleton Helical Technologies Cleaner Air CAN BLOW OFF

Carleton Helical Technologies stainless steel can blow off system. Equipped with a (5) nozzle adjustable overhead blower and dust collection filter. Powered by a 2½ hp blower.

OAD: 31"L x 35"W x 47"H

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Vanmark Cleaner Washer HYDROLIFT

  • Manufacturer: Vanmark
  • Model Number: HYDROLIFT
  • Frain Number: 5H6307

Vanmark 304 stainless steel hydrolift, destoner and rinser. Rated from 1,000 lbs/Hr to 25,000 lbs/Hr – depending on application and machine configuration. (2) function operation (1) to rinse product and remove sand, stone, or any other non-floatable materials, and (2) to elevate product using a vertical auger which creates constant speed and water turbulance. Equipped with 31" long x 48" wide x 26" deep stainless recieving hopper with clamp down cover bottom access and (2) 4" diameter overflow ports, 15" diameter auger and (2) 3" long discharge chutes with 16" x 15" discharge port and 120" / 140" discharge heights. Mounted on stainless steel base frame.

OAD: 46"L x 55"W x 160"H

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Carleton Helical Technologies Cleaner Air 19X-4B1FXL-3462

Carleton Helical Technologies, Model 19X-4B1FXL-3462, ionized air rinser. Equipped with a 18" long infeed can inverter, 24" long cleaning chamber with air blast and vacuum, filter canister, side belt transfer, 18" long discharge inverter and 7" long side belt discharge conveyor.

OAD: 80"L x 33"W x 48"H

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PDC Intl. Corp. Capper Neck Bander WASH TANK PDC Intl. Corp. Capper Neck Bander WASH TANK HMI Heinzen Manufactoring Int Cleaner Washer WASH TANK

  • Model Number: WASH TANK
  • Frain Number: 5J0271

PDC, Model 75 ERLT, Automatic sleever labeler rated from 50 to 250 sleeves per minute – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Size range: 3/8" to 3" in diameter and 3/4" to 7" in height, film registration and extra length capable. Equipped with 112" long x 3-1/4" wide container conveyor and has 36" long double container index worm screws, knife cut off, tamp on applicator 24" OD label reel and 24" OD label rewind reel. Swing arm control panel has feed, film, static eliminator, start, stop, jog and e-stop controls with variable speed dial and statis light bar. Mounted on base frame with interlocking safety guarding and leveling legs.

OAD: 112" L x 72" W x 93" H

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HMI Heinzen Manufactoring Inte Cleaner Washer WASH TANK

HMI Heinzen, inclined cleated wash tank designed to wash dirt and other debris from buoyant product with amount of product per minute – depending on product being run and belt speed. Equipped with 40" wide x 55" long x 30" deep water trough with (3) in feed end ¼" OD piped water access ports. 18" wide x 128" long incline cleated blue plastic product belt with 2" high cleats set on 14½" centers and has discharge height of 64" with top motor drive. Mounted on stainless steel (4) leg frame.
Tenderleaf wash equipment for many fresh cut product applications such as lettuce, carrot tomatos, broccoli, cauliflower and many more.

OAD: 135" L x 48" W x 95" H

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Sani-matic Systems Cleaner CIP/COP COP

Sani-Matic Systems, COP spray booth. Vessel dimensions: 48" wide x 48" deep x 88" tall (34" wide x 48" deep x 68" tall usable space). Equipped with a hinged front door, (6) spinning spray nozzle bars supplied by a 10 HP Ampco centrifugal pump and (2) diaphram solution pumps. Control cabinet with AB controller, touch screen HMI and chart recorder.

OAD: 72"L x 52"W x 100"H

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Mcbrady Cleaner Air 200

  • Manufacturer: Mcbrady
  • Model Number: 200
  • Frain Number: R35820

Mcbrady, Model 60, rotary, inverted, air cleaner, rated from 20 to 100 containers per minute – depending on materials and application. Container sizes range: 5 cc to 1 gallon containers and capable of handling both plastic and glass bottles or metal containers with proper change parts. Equipped with 48" OD cleaning chamber has container slots with individual air nozzles and vacuum which draws accumulated dust out of containers. 6" wide x 96" long container conveyor with (4) belt unscrambler infeed. Control panel has start, variable speed controller and e-stop. Mounted on multi-leg frame.

OAD: 106"L x 65"W x 85"H

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Prosysco Limited Cleaner CIP/COP 450 LITRE CIP

Prosysco, portable, single tank, stainless steel, clean in place system. Equipped with 28" ID x 48" Deep, 450 Liter / 112 gallon workable 316 stainless steel, single wall holding tank with flip up / removable cover, (2) 2-1/2" OD sanitary and (1) 2-1/2" OD inlet ports. Dish bottom with a 2" OD sanitary center bottom discharge with 16" floor clearance and a 2" OD threaded bottom charge port. System also includes 1Hp and 5 Hp stainless steel centrifugal transfer pumps, air operated product transfer valves and A/B PLC controller with pre / post rinse, sanitizer, purified water and final rinse cycles. Mounted on 54" x 32" stainless steel base frame with locking casters.

OAD: 64" L x 32" W x 80" H

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Sani-matic Systems Cleaner CIP/COP COP

Sani-matic, 200 gallon, 304 stainless steel, COP tank. Equipped with 99" long x 24" wide x 22" deep trough with 43" rim height, recirculation system with (2) 7½ hp Fristam centrifugal pumps and (2) diaphram pumps for cleaning solution. Control panel with AB controller and touch screen HMI.

OAD: 165"L x 64"W x 80"H

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Vanmark Cleaner Washer 6 ROLLER

  • Manufacturer: Vanmark
  • Model Number: 6 ROLLER
  • Frain Number: 5H9362

Vanmark 6 roller, stainless steel, abrasive, scrubber, peeler rated up to 10,000 lbs of patatos per hour – depending on machine configuration. All stainless steel construction. Equipped with 68" long x 48" wide inner stainless steel product chamber has top flip-up cover and 36" long product in feed chute with (6) 68" long x 4" OD, abrasive and bristle type scrub brushes and water spray valves and is rated up to 27 gallons of water per minute maximum with roller speed of 100 rpm to 550 rpm. Cone bottom has 6" OD center bottom port with 12" floor clearence. Mounted on (4) leg stainless steel frame.

OAD: 108" L x 48" W x 65" H

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Abec Cleaner CIP/COP 40 GALLON

  • Manufacturer: Abec
  • Model Number: 40 GALLON
  • Frain Number: 5H7400

Abec, 304 stainless steel Clean-in-place tank. Equipped with one tank measuring 21" L x 25" W x 16" H (35 gallons), level detector and 1½ hp centrifugal pump. Unit mounted on stainless steel platform with AB touch screen HMI

OAD: 77"L x 30"W x 74"H (tank cart)
50"L x 32"W x 93"H (HMI)

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Ladish Cleaner CIP/COP 48-2412

  • Manufacturer: Ladish
  • Model Number: 48-2412
  • Frain Number: 5H7241

Ladish, Model 48-2412, (2) tank stainless steel CIP system. Equipped with (2) 38" OD x 48" High approx 230 gallon, single wall tanks. (1) for detergent, (1) for rinse and both have 18" ID top manways with flip up covers, bottoms have 3½" OD / 3"ID Tri-Clamp bottom discharges with 16" floor clearence, tube and shell heat exchanger, stainless steel piping with sanitary couplings flow and pressure control valves, (1) 7½ HP tri-clover centrifugal pump and (1) 1 HP Tri-Clover centrifugal pump. Control Panel has A/B PLC controller with A/B touch screen HMI. Mounted on stainless steel frame.

OAD: 134"L x 75"W x 84"H

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