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Frain Industries can help you with your cleaner washer project no matter how big or small your cleaning needs. A cleaner washer machine uses water and soap to clean and rinse inside and outside of containers or other items. A cleaner washer machine is normally equipped with drying capabilities.

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Franken USA / STAT Mfg Ltd Cleaner Washer 31" ID

Franken, stainless steel, perforated rotary washer, with amount of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with 31″ ID x 54″ long stainless steel rotary drum section with 1″ ID perforations. Mounted on 4 leg base frame.

OAD: 73″ L x 60″ W x 108″ H

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Magnuson Cleaner Washer WSP3063

  • Manufacturer: Magnuson
  • Model Number: WSP3063
  • Frain Number: R29190

Magnuson Model WSO3060, stainless steel, brush style, product washer, scrubber, peeler rated up to 8,000 lbs of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. All stainless steel construction. Equipped with 90" long x 21" wide stainless steel product chamber has 70" long x 22" wide top flip-up cover with 12" x 18" product port and (2) 5" x 5" sight ports with 1-1/2" OD threaded end water access port rated from 10 to 15 gallons of water per minute. End product gate discharge with chute and bottom cone shaped waste removal hopper with 10" x 19" discharge opening and 17" floor clearence. Inner chamber has (6) 64" long x 3" OD, (4) abrasive and (2) bristle type scrub brushes powered by end motor drive and has inner water spray valves. Control panel has A/B vari-speed contoller with start stop and e-stop push button controls. Mounted on (4) leg stainless steel base frame with casters.

Optional 159" L x 29" W x 72" H S/S Platform

OAD: 112" L x 32" W x 74" H Scrubber

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Stero Cleaner Washer SCT44

  • Manufacturer: Stero
  • Model Number: SCT44
  • Frain Number: 5G9185

Stero, Model SCT44, dishwashing system. Rated from 50 to 200 racks per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 20" high x 21" wide aperture with a 44" long wash chamber, 20" wide walking beam style conveyor, automatic cycle start, 46,000 btu / hr natural gas heating, Ecolab detergent system, 2 hp recirculating pump and top / bottom final rinse bars. Control panel with push button start / stop / reset controls. Cycle starts when rack is pushed into washing chamber.

OAD: 46"L x 30"W x 79"H

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A K Robbins Cleaner Washer RR

  • Manufacturer: A K Robbins
  • Model Number: RR
  • Frain Number: 5G2541

A.K. Robins, model RR, hydrator reclaim tank. 60" long x 48" wide x 30" deep vessel equipped with a 24" diameter x 48" long reel, tank level float, (1) 2" threaded fitting, (1) 6¾" threaded fitting, (1) 2½" threaded fitting and (1) 7"OD/2½"ID 4-bolt pattern flange fitting.

OAD: 70"L x 65"W x 57"H

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A K Robbins Cleaner Washer HYD

  • Manufacturer: A K Robbins
  • Model Number: HYD
  • Frain Number: 5G2540

A.K. Robins, model HYD, product hydrator and washer. Can be used to hydrate products or separate undersize buoyant particles.144" long x 48" wide x 51" deep hydrator tank equipped with a 36" diameter x 125" long perforated reel with 3/8" holes and powered by a 1 Hp drive, 26" x 16" product charge, surface spray bar to move contaminates toward overflow, 9"OD/4"ID 8-bolt flange overflow discharge, 21" wide x 14" long product discharge chute with 70" ground clearance, (1) 7½"OD/3"ID 4-bolt water supply, (1) 6"OD/2"ID 4-bolt flange water supply, (2) 3½" diameter bottom side drains and (4) 12" x 12" manway access panels.

OAD: 188"L x 60"W x 98"H

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A K Robbins Cleaner Washer FLOODWASH

  • Manufacturer: A K Robbins
  • Model Number: FLOODWASH
  • Frain Number: 5G2539

A.K. Robbins, Flood style, agitated washing segment. Unit designed to effectively wash sand, dirt and other debris from buoyant products. 48" wide x 150" long x 14" deep wash bin equipped with removable bottom screens with ¼" diameter holes, (6) top mounted spray bars, (8) bottom mounted spray bars, (11) horizontal spray nozzles on the infeed end, 2¼ " piped water infeed to sprayers, (6) 6" high agitation paddles, (2) 3" bottom ports and (1) 11"OD/6"ID 8-bolt pattern flange fitting for flood overflow. Product removed by a 47½" wide x 145" long incline cleated belt with 2" high cleats on 12" centers and a discharge height of 100".

OAD: 284"L x 73"W x 138"H

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