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Heat Exch Triple Tube

  • Model Number:
  • Frain Number: 5D9643

Tube-in-tube-in-tube heat exchanger with 253.4 sq. ft. heat transfer area (18.1 sq. ft. heat transfer area per half loop). Has seven 40 foot long loops, three concentric tubes (38mm O.D., 52mm O.D., 64mm O.D.), 5 gallon tube volume, 3" diameter tri-clover product inlet / oulet, 4" diameter tri-clover media inlet / outlet, 316L S/S product side, 304 S/S media side, 363psi on product side, 145psi on media side, and design temperature of 284F. Designed for heating, cooling, and pasteurization of products with high viscosity, and products that contain particulates.

OAD: 262"L x 51"W x 34"H

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