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APV / SPX Heat Transfer Heat Exch Tube in Tube CMTNTC1425154

APV, Model CMTNT-C-14-25-154, tube in tube HTST system. Equipped with 2¾" OD x 2020" long (50 gallon) tube in tube heat exchanger with 3½"OD / 3"ID Tri-clamp style product and 3½"OD / 3" ID heating media connections. 5¾" OD x 3148" long (350 gallon) stainless steel holding tube. 10" OD x 24" long tube in shell heat exchange with (2) 3½"OD / 3"ID tri-clamp connections. APV, Model W 25/75, stainless steel centrifugal pump with a 4¾"OD / 3¾"ID suction infeed, 3½"OD / 3"ID Tri-clamp discharge and 5 Hp motor.

MAWP: 200 psi (Product Side)
MAWP: 150 psi (Media Side)

OAD: 270" L x 60" W x 185" H

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Tetra Pak Hoyer Heat Exch Tube in Tube SPIRAFLOW

Tetra Pak, Model Spriaflow, tube in shell heat exchange with a 15 liter product capacity. Equipped with (29) 0.4 liter tubes with 1.8 liter shells, 1½" OD / 1" ID seated bevel style inlet ports and (2) 1" OD / ½" ID seated bevel style product discharge ports. Mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel base frame with panel guarding.

MAWP: 290 PSI @ 320°F (shell)
MAWP: 725 PSI @ 320°F (tube)

OAD: 235"L x 38"W x 32"H

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GOE General Oil Equipment Heat Exch Tube in Tube 133 GAL

General Oil Equipment, 133 gallon, stainless steel holding loop. Equipped with 389¾ ft of 3" stainless steel tubing with 3½" OD / 3" ID Tri-clamp style inlet and outlets. Mounted on a stainless steel frame. For a continuous process, a volumetric length of pipe is used to hold a rate of flow for a specific amount of time. Used in the pasteurization process to retain heat before being cooled back down.

OAD: 260"L x 24"W x 82"H

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