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APV / SPX Heat Transfer Heat Exch Tube in Tube CMTNTC1425154

APV, Model CMTNT-C-14-25-154, tube in tube HTST system. Equipped with 2¾" OD x 2020" long (50 gallon) tube in tube heat exchanger with 3½"OD / 3"ID Tri-clamp style product and 3½"OD / 3" ID heating media connections. 5¾" OD x 3148" long (350 gallon) stainless steel holding tube. 10" OD x 24" long tube in shell heat exchange with (2) 3½"OD / 3"ID tri-clamp connections. APV, Model W 25/75, stainless steel centrifugal pump with a 4¾"OD / 3¾"ID suction infeed, 3½"OD / 3"ID Tri-clamp discharge and 5 Hp motor.

MAWP: 200 psi (Product Side)
MAWP: 150 psi (Media Side)

OAD: 270" L x 60" W x 185" H

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Excel-A-Tec Heat Exch Tube in Tube TUBE

  • Manufacturer: Excel-A-Tec
  • Model Number: TUBE
  • Frain Number: 5E3560

Tube in tube, hair pin style, 316 S/S heat exchanger. Ten 22′ long hair pinned sections eight dual lower tube sections, and two upper single tube sections with 50mm outside, and 25mm inside tube dimensions, with all sanitary fittings. Smooth tube construction has no cracks, no cavities, no tangential contact points, no gasket, or "O" ring sealing. Designed for heating, cooling, and pasteurization of products with high viscosity, that can contain particulates up to 8mm, and is mounted on a common base stand.

OAD: 264" L x 34" W x 93" H

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Tetra Pak Hoyer Heat Exch Tube in Tube SPIRAFLOW

Tetra Pak, Model Spriaflow, tube in shell heat exchange with a 15 liter product capacity. Equipped with (29) 0.4 liter tubes with 1.8 liter shells, 1½" OD / 1" ID seated bevel style inlet ports and (2) 1" OD / ½" ID seated bevel style product discharge ports. Mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel base frame with panel guarding.

MAWP: 290 PSI @ 320°F (shell)
MAWP: 725 PSI @ 320°F (tube)

OAD: 235"L x 38"W x 32"H

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GOE General Oil Equipment Heat Exch Tube in Tube 133 GAL

General Oil Equipment, 133 gallon, stainless steel holding loop. Equipped with 389¾ ft of 3" stainless steel tubing with 3½" OD / 3" ID Tri-clamp style inlet and outlets. Mounted on a stainless steel frame. For a continuous process, a volumetric length of pipe is used to hold a rate of flow for a specific amount of time. Used in the pasteurization process to retain heat before being cooled back down.

OAD: 260"L x 24"W x 82"H

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