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Greer Candy Chocolate Melter KD5

  • Manufacturer: Greer
  • Model Number: KD5
  • Frain Number: 5H4050

J.W. Greer, Model 2,500 lb, Carbon steel, full jacketed, chocolate melt and mix tank. Pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Vessel dimensions; 50″ in Diameter x 35″ Straight Wall. Equipped with flat top and bridge mounted dual off set sweep agitation, full atmospheric jacket , side and top tempature probes and side tempature gauge. Side 3½” NPT discharge with 22″ ground clearance. Mounted on (4) carbon steel legs.

Jacket Ports:
(1) 2½” NPT
(1) 2¼” NPT
(1) 2″ NPT
(1) 1½” NPT

OAD: 55″ L x 58″ W x 64″ H

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