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Hassia USA Form & Fill Liquid/Paste SVL20/30 Stick Pak, 8 up, Liquid fill, 60 cpm

  • Manufacturer: Hassia USA
  • Model Number: SVL20/30
  • Frain Number: 5D9741

Hassia USA, Model SVL20/30, automatic, 8-up vertical, stainless steel, wash down, liquid stick pack form, fill and seal machine rated from 15 to 60 cycles per minute with number of product – depending on materials and application. Pouch size up to 38mm in Width; 225mm in Length with 152mm diameter core. Equipped with Medtronic date coding system and film registration, currently set with (1) 1" diameter forming tubes, (4) 6" long horizontal hot knife seal jaws (1 for each 2 forming tubes) and (8) 9-1/2" long vertical lap seal jaws, with secondary vertical strip seals in lap seal for additional strength. Control panel has PLC controller with swing arm controls, servo drives, metering pumps, CIP system and is capable of doing a hot fill up to 190 Deg F. Last running yogurt sticks, (29ml – 66ml) fills, (38mm x 145mm) and (38mm x 220mm) size pouch sticks, with 800mm maximum pouch material diameter reel.

OAD: 180" L x 60" W x 108" H

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Hassia USA Form & Fill Thermoform TAS2428

  • Manufacturer: Hassia USA
  • Model Number: TAS2428
  • Frain Number: 5B6411

Hassia Model TAS2428, automatic, aseptic, thermo, form, fill and seal machine, with 30 up configuration rated from 0 to 20 cycles and 0 to 600 containers per minute – depending on materials and application Machine sterilizes the containers and lids with steam and hydrogen peroxide, body stock enters forming station and is heated by contact heat and then thermoformed, filled, sealed and then die cut, has registration system between the forming and sealing stations with a Maximum web width of 11". Currently set up with 9-1/2" index and 9.448" depth of draw and maximum of 1.181" Main unit, is 27 ft L x 5 ft W x 7 ft H. and approx 15,730 lbs. aseptic, unit 2 ft W x 7 ft, L x 7 ft, H x approx, 900 lbs, main control panel, 2 ft W x 7 ft L x 7 ft, H x approx 1,000 lbs.

OAD: 324" L x 60" W x 84" H

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