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Pneumatic Feeder Incline/Cleated 8000

  • Manufacturer: Pneumatic
  • Model Number: 8000
  • Frain Number: 5H4449

Pneumatic Scale, stainless steel incline cleated belt feeder. Equipped with a 36" wide x 32" long x 20" deep (10 ft³) stainless steel product hopper, 8" wide x 96" long belt conveyor with 2" high cleats set on 6" centers and is powered by ½ hp motor drive. Mounted on a height adjustable stand with a discharge range of 110" to 120"

OAD: 65"L x 37"W x 134"H

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Pneumatic Still M110

  • Manufacturer: Pneumatic
  • Model Number: M110
  • Frain Number: 5E2656

Pneumatic M110, Solvent distillate unit rated at 110 gallons, with a flow rate @ 200 gph and 50 psi for cooling unit. Insulated 304 S/S boiler, steel oil jacket and outer case. Equipped with a heat transfer oil system containing a hydrocarbon base. Features boiler and vapor temperature settings as well as fiberoptic controls for heater drivers. Inlet temperature at < 70° and outlet temperature at >30°.

OAD" 126"L x 58"W x 84"H

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