Vortex / CT Pack SRL Machines

Vortex / CT Pack SRL Machines In Stock

Vortex / CT Pack SRL Wrapper Accessory ICS

Vortex ICS individual, carrier system, product feeder and conveying system rated from 100 to 600 products per minute – depending on materials and application. Has a synchronised product infeed picking product and placing them in each individual holder on servo driven carrier conveyor providing very high loading and handling of different products with different sizes without any need for hardware changes, and a different number of products to be handled simultaneously with its high speed floating bucket, and jam free technology. ICS system can be integrated for feeding to any horizontal cartoner, or flow wrapper substituting the traditional bucket conveyor of these machines. Control panel A/B CPU with swing arm touch pad controller and A/B panelview, and saftey guarding. Was last feeding Rovema SBS brick pack machine.

OAD: 276" L x 72" W x 84" H Carrier System
95" L x 24" W x 87" H Control Panel

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