World Cup Filler Cup Rotary 12-32

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World Cup Model 12-32, automatic, stainless steel, 12 pocket rotary cup filler, die-cut applcator, heat sealer and over lidder with number on cups per minute – depending om materials and application. Container size: up to 4-3/4" OD. Fill range: 1oz to 32 oz. Equipped with 16" x 24" deep product hopper, 30" rotary turn table, cup magazine, piston filler with 1-1/4" OD positive cut off nozzle, bottom up fill, no container / no fill, die-cut seal magazine, heat sealing station, 36" long lid magazine, lid applicator and sweep arm reject. A/B PLC controller with dropper, heater, filler, bottom up fill, dropper, sealer, lidder, variable speed, digital temperature controller and e-stop. Mounted on stainless steel base frame with casters and interlock safety guarding. Change parts required to accommodate size and fill range.

OAD: 90" L x 46" W x 88" H W/Hopper

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