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Service all of your equipment requirements and decrease equipment failures

Frain Industries offers a high level of commitment alongside a rewarding solution. Our fast and reliable Field Service team can service all of your equipment requirements and decrease equipment failures. Our experienced shop engineers and technicians provide the support needed to reduce downtime, increase production, extend machine life, or start a new application.

A machine down in the packaging and processing industry is a project lost. Receive the best service, equipment set up, inspection, and training, all under one company with flexible options available for all projects. Feel free to send your machine to us or we can send our team to you.

That is the power of service at Frain Industries.



A machine upgrade, or downgrade, is required when you are no longer meeting production requirements. These requirements may vary from high product demand to an unpredictable machine.

There are several reasons why upgrading, or downgrading, may be the best solution for you.

  • Machine upgrade
  • Machine downgrade


An inspection report combined with a performance consultation will indicate the condition of your equipment, and the required steps to reduce damage.

Avoid equipment failure, and have your equipment working when you need it the most.

  • Equipment inspection report
  • Performance consultation


A project comes with challenges, but equipment operation should not be one of them.

Come in for a factory acceptance test and a full day of training with our shop engineers and technicians, or request in-plant training.


Save your man power where it is needed the most. Facilitate installation and start up with our Field Service team. We can get your equipment up and running in time for your project.

  • Machine installation
  • Machine start up
  • Phone support
  • 24-hour support

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Our Field Service experts can provide more details on how we can service all of your equipment requirements and decrease equipment failures.

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  • Thank you for the professionalism of the Frain team and customer support.


  • Thanks for providing John to repair my machine. He was such a professional to work with and I believe did an excellent job of troubleshooting the machine issues including mechanical problems.

  • Great job! We will be back.


  • You guys are great to work with!!