Integration Services

From Idea to Complex Production in No Time

Successfully integrate individual machines to complete lines

A successful integration strategy is difficult to create, but making your idea come to life is fast and easy with Frain Integration. Seamlessly integrate a packaging system or a vertical line with the most reliable team in the industry.  Our integration department is serviced by 40+ experienced engineers and technicians that can configure, test, and install complete lines, individual machines, and more.


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Our integration specialists can provide more details on how we can offer the ultimate integration solution without delays.

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What they're saying about us!

  • Frain was able to get us into production in time to meet a very important deadline. I don’t know of any other company that could have pulled this off.

  • We’re working on 5-6 new products per day.

  • I really enjoyed my visit. You all should be proud of the way the company is presented. Nice and clean, well organized, and professionally staffed.

  • As always each member of the Frain team that I had to correspond with during this project was exceptional and very professional. As always I appreciate working with the Frain team.