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Invest on what you need, when you need it

Purchasing Equipment May be Stressful, Time Consuming, and a Waste of Money

The best solution to get your product out on shelves faster than anyone else is by investing only on what you need, when you need it.

Frain Industries offers a flexible Borrow Me program that will accommodate your temporary demands and financial requirements. The program allows you to rent a machine for a selected time frame without a long term commitment.

Our program is perfect for seasonal demand, contract projects, new product development, or company expansion. Start a new project with confidence and security, and return the equipment when you are ready to move onto your next project. If your project or product surpass your expectations, then you can keep the machinery with a Rent to Purchase option.

If you are still uncertain if rental is the right option for you, consider cash flow constraints, reducing start time, increasing production, and maximizing profit. Regardless of your short or long term need, you will save money and have project insurance with our Borrow Me program. Even if the project or product fails, with our program, you will not. 

Purchase vs. Rent vs. Lease



General Finance
Long Term Higher Investment
Greater Risk Capital Expenditure
Increased Start Time Immediate Ownership
Increased Downtime Create Equity
Cash Flow Constraint


General Finance
Immediate/Short Term Lower Investment
Reduced Risk Operational Expenditure
Decreased Start Time Manageable Payments
Increased Production Build Equity*
 Flexible Cash Flow Control
*Available with rent to purchase option only


General Finance
12/24/36 Month Term Higher Investment
Moderate Risk Operational Expenditure*
Competitive Payment
Purchase Option
Cash Flow Control
*Dependent on leasing terms, conditions, and/or lessor-lessee contract/agreement

Rent to Purchase Option

The Rent to Purchase option is an extension of the Borrow Me program, and it is available to all of our clients. With this option, you can purchase the rental equipment absolutely confident of its ability to satisfy your requirements and project demands.

This option is best for projects that extended from short term to long term, successful new-trial products and production lines, and for clients whose business boomed after the rental.

Rent to Purchase is not for everyone, but it is certainly comforting knowing your investment is protected and secured with a company that grows with your business.

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What they're saying about us!

  • Frain’s machine credits allowed us to purchase a case packer we desperately needed but did not have in our budget. Great idea!

  • Thank you very much for the follow up. The equipment arrived in perfect condition and, although we have yet to run it, we have no doubt that it will run as intended. We have kept the original crating materials and will utilize them if and when we return the equipment.

  • Earlier today we completed the commissioning and have started commercial production with the Frain rental cartoner.  This piece of equipment is a great example of the value proposition we had hoped to achieve by working with your company – these products are in support of a growing, but risky, new market for us and Frain has provided us a solution that achieves the production efficiency we were after while reducing the financial risk of a full equipment purchase.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • Group was impressed with your facility, professionalism, and people. Thanks.