Business Is Good

Aside from automating or replacing manual, old, tired practices within processing and packaging – our customers usually are contacting us because business is good.

By good, I mean growing, expanding, branching out into new products or packaging.

Our customers are expanding, quoting new business, can’t get machinery and equipment fast enough for a new or expanded project.

They’ve discovered the next best flavor or a byproduct of that they can now monetize to further increase revenue.

Regardless of growth origin or impetus for purchasing new machinery, our customers are often so excited that we just have to slow them down in talking to ensure we have the whole story.

They’re often in a hurry for a price for which they can get approval or use to shop and we certainly understand that.

We realize it’s well worth everyone’s time at this point to ask all the questions – how are you doing to today, what speeds, what’s the specific application, how long will you need it, etc.

We then match the machine and put man hours toward the machinery – mechanically, electrically, cosmetically, and pneumatically.

Our resources hit the project simultaneously – we have all the necessary parts, machines, and manpower to get you quality and complete lines fast.

We, of course, embrace the growth of our customers business and simply ask them for the time to discuss and ensure we do it right for them the first time.

This includes planning for the unknown.  We’ve recently primarily focused on providing new and like new machinery for rent.

We have what our customers want, when they need it, how they need it (customized by our engineering and tech team), for as long as they need it.

They return the equipment to us after their finished using it (if ever) – no questions asked.

Ultimately, we’re a resource to our customers – especially when they need to grow now and with reliable packaging and processing equipment solutions.

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