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Let Frain help you select the boiler machine that’s right for you! Boiler equipment is generally used for heating fluids to required temperatures, and this can include the gases generated upon reaching the required pressure and temperature.  A common example of a boiler machine application is the case of water stream boiler systems. This heating is usually done directly, and the boiler machine passes the hot-fired gases through the liquid to be heated. Boiler equipment can also accomplish this indirectly with either a fire tube or water tube system, depending on the side where the boiler applies heating.Boiler equipment comes in a range of sizes; they can be vary large to very small for small specific applications. Some common uses of boiler equipment include laundry, food preparation, hospitals, restaurants, and you can even find uses for boiler equipment in multi-family dwellings.

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Armstrong Boiler CAQ-241-HS-T46

  • Manufacturer: Armstrong
  • Model Number: CAQ-241-HS-T46
  • Frain Number: 5F4735

Heavy duty, industrial, portable, "hot breathe" heater rated up to 7,020 cfm – depending on materials and application. Pressure rating: 350 psig @ 600° F. Equipped with 1-1/2" OD threaded stream inlet / outlets, 28" diameter fan, and push button controls. Mounted on casters.

OAD: 48" L x 34" W x 46" H

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Accutek Boiler PSE36

  • Manufacturer: Accutek
  • Model Number: PSE36
  • Frain Number: R27381

Pacific Steam, Model PSE-36, 36 kw boiler. Rated to a maximum of 80 psi with a maximum deisgned steam capacity of 122 lbs/hr. Equipped with on/off/reset buttons, ½" NPT inlet for water supply, ½" NPT outlet for steam and (2) 1" NPT water discharge outlets.
100 amp draw-
Nat’l Brd: 13359

OAD: 30" L x 24" W x 42" H

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